About us

Here at Falinas we believe in giving our customers access to all of our products at cost price. In order to do so we’ve created a membership club with the purpose of giving you a more pleasant, cheaper and faster shopping experience on the products you buy multiple times each month. This is why we’ve chosen to focus on everyday products.

Our experience is that people and more particularly women buys everyday products multiple times each month, but this is not always the most fun thing to do. This is where our Prime membership becomes useful.

We offe r all of our products at cost price and in order to achieve the better shopping experience, we have added a few features. As a member you not only get access to the low prices, but also free shipping, free returns, access to our giveaways and we even offer a free birthday gift on your special day.

We invite you to join us in our Prime family and let us make your overall shopping experience better when it comes to everyday products. Have a look at our tab above "Try Prime" and learn more about the perks of becoming a member today.